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Before electing to become a Career Interim Executive the business founder, Graham Butler, successfully delivered business transformation projects on behalf of a number of market leading companies whilst fulfilling roles as Operations Director, Commercial Director and Managing Director.

Expertise has been gained across a wide range of industry sectors including Logistics, (Express Parcels, both B2B and B2C, 3PL Shared User operations & Warehousing, Primary Transport- network development); Automotive including Vehicle Refurbishment and Car Transporter Operations and SVM platers; Business Services including Manned Guarding and Event Management: and Manufacturing and Supply Chain.

Assignments have already been undertaken throughout the UK and also on an International basis where value has been added in the management of outsourced manufacturing projects and supply chain improvements.

We are happy to consider assignments from Agencies and Interim Providers.

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We believe that successful business transformation can be considered to be like a contact sport where success is measured by what happens on the pitch rather than what is talked about on the sidelines or in the grandstand.

We will work collaboratively with your organisation, providing guidance and leadership to your team to deliver a viable transformation plan and then more importantly take full "hands-on"accountability for delivery of agreed milestones to ensure that P&L improvements are crystallised at the earliest opportunity.

At the initial consultation we will fully scope out the project and agree key deliverables and then allocate the most appropriate associate to ensure that your project is delivered with pace and momentum. We believe that our fee structures offer real value for money and are very happy to consider staged day rates with incentives targeted against the delivery of agreed improvements, payable on sign off on completion of the project.


    Transform Logistics specialise in providing support and guidance to organisations that have identified an immediate need to implement change and can provide independent evaluation and assessment of issues affecting underperforming businesses, or act as a "Sounding board".

    Transform Logistics provides Interim Management who are highly skilled, immediately impactive and able to deliver results with pace and momentum.

    Transform Logistics are able to offer a full range of Support services including Tender Design and Evaluation , RTT document preparation , Supply chain and procurement reviews.

    The full range of our expertise can be appreciated by browsing the case studies of successfully completed assignments across a range of sectors including Logistics, Business Services, Automotive and Manufacturing and Supply chain.

    Transform Logistics actively encourage you look at the testimonials that we have received from our satisfied clients , who have entrusted us with their business.