May 24 2018 - 11:10 am


Integration of Operational structure: Business Services Sector
Following the merger of the UK’s two largest manned guarding companies a project was initiated to integrate the management of the guarding operation and deliver synergy savings of £2M.The two organisations had completely different operating models, management structures and regions.

All of the manned guarding sites were spatially mapped and the use of key ratios used to determine the optimal management population. Following the exercise 44 heads were identified as surplus ranging from Director to Supervisor and a number of offices were identified for closure where duplication existed. The span of control of roles were standardised ,new roles agreed and balanced portfolios created with postcodes being used to define territories down to supervisor level with four operating regions established. The revised organisation structure was introduced within 20 weeks of merger being announced and the original synergy savings were exceeded by £0.4M.
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