May 24 2018 - 11:10 am


Business Transformation: Business Services Sector - Manned Guarding
Margins had remained static and there was a need to improve financial performance. Following a review of existing supervisory management practices and the application of Key Ratios it was identified that workloads were imbalanced, commercial territories overlapped creating inefficiency, and supervisors were spending too much time on basic admin in the area offices rather than in the field supervising direct employees.

A new model was developed where supervisors now worked remotely in the field by deploying wireless lap-tops , vehicle-tracking devices and a centralised rostering package, coupled to a balancing of portfolios using a package that plotted all site locations. This was rolled out in a six month period on a national basis allowing a 15% reduction in supervisory headcount, and both service delivery and direct employee retention improved as the supervisors became focused on managing their direct reports and increasing time spent on site visits. ( up 38%). A 2% improvement in margin was achieved.
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